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Really nice food, the best takeaway around

Lorcan, 20 Jun 2021

Deliverer was quite rude. But food was delicious

Shanti, 19 Jun 2021


Ash, 19 Jun 2021

excellent value. very fast

Carl, 17 Jun 2021

Savos is lush

Teressa, 09 Jun 2021

i’m not going to be there when the food comes, keep the money

Joseph, 22 May 2021

Love a savos

Megan, 22 May 2021


That food was stunning fair play! Even the chips were cooked perfectly!

Clayton, 12 May 2021

Employee who delivered was very patient and kind

Kia, 07 May 2021

Excellent food! Highly recommend!

Sarah, 30 Apr 2021

We always use Savos as we know what we are getting and there is lots of choice

Kay, 29 Apr 2021


Usually good food but ordered a garlic pizza bread with extra cheese and it was as thin as a piece of paper and rock hard, threw it in the bin.

John, 28 Apr 2021

Nice food good delivery too.

Chris, 27 Apr 2021

Received out of date item

Jasmine Bissmire, 26 Apr 2021

We've never really been a family that order kebabs but we tried here once, and it's now our regular. Extremely good value for money! Fresh food and plenty of it. Quick service with very friendly and personable delivery drivers.

Edp, 16 Apr 2021

Excellent! Definitely use again! Great food. Awesome delivery. 5*

Louise, 10 Apr 2021

Good food,

Chad, 05 Apr 2021

The favour on meat was lovely as usual but the salad, especially the lettuce had seen better days and was limp and turning brown. There’s wasn’t much salad either which is unusual for your portions. We had also asked for no pitta bread and some chilli peppers and unfortunately there was bread in our boxes and no peppers. If you’d like to contact me my number is 07305667890

Tina, 14 Mar 2021

P.m. before schedule time really nice.

Tom, 12 Mar 2021

Always quick, hot and tasty food

Wayne, 12 Mar 2021

Very good :)

Stevie, 08 Mar 2021

Good overall, good value for money.

Damian, 08 Mar 2021


I ordered a large kebab but got a medium or small. I do not care. The issue was that when I called to say the guy said I made it. It was large and yet he delivered it as well. Accept you mistake Saco. Your service has been great up until now

Shaun, 04 Feb 2021

Easy ordering and very quick friendly delivery.

Karen, 30 Jan 2021

Always excellent

Jonathan, 29 Jan 2021

Good local kebab house...

Terry, 29 Jan 2021